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6 Yard Scarf - Netherwood

Softline Home

  • 7500

All 6 yards are hemmed with 1" double-turned hem.

Scarves can be used in many ways:

  • An elegant drape or swag over drapery rod and drapery panels. Sew or glue bead or tassel trim to the long edges for a more dramatic effect.
  • Cut a large square for use as a table drape over a round table with coordinating tablecloth that falls to the floor. Sew or glue trim for a more tailored effect. The remainder can be used to drape over the side of an accent chair or sofa.
  • Fold longways for a quick and simple table runner.
  • Use the 6 yards as additional fabric to help coordinate the rest of the room. Cut up and use to re-cover accent chairs by stapling over existing fabric. Simply unscrew chair pad from underneath, center new fabric and staple.
  • Wedding venue yardage - hemmed scarves make perfect ready-made romance for any color wedding setting. Table cloths, ceiling drapes, accent colors.

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