Welcome to Dripping Springs Blinds and Drapery!

FINALLY - It's a dream come true! 

I have dreamed of having all my products on a webstore for years, but the daunting task of getting all those products entered into a web format has kept me from realizing my dream. Until now! After struggling with questions such as which products to sell and how much to put out there, I began steadily working - data entry, uploading photos, organizing collections and setting attractive prices have become my life. Then I determined a launch date - the goal to focus myself had an "end date," and I worked even harder to reach it.

I have worked with these products for years, so the relationship I have with my manufacturers is a close one, in fact I have formed many friendships that I cherish. It is my honor to present these products to you and my hope that you will bookmark my store as one of your favorites to shop for style, and ideas that enhance your life. I use these products in my own home, so I know how they perform and first hand about the quality. I could never represent a product that I wouldn't purchase for myself, so I really believe in their integrity.

Dripping Springs Blinds and Drapery is a clean, easy-to-use webstore that has been optimized for computer-tablet-smart phone. You will be able to shop from anywhere, and even share my products using social media. I welcome your comments and suggestions, as the style industry is an ever-changing business. If I am missing anything obvious on the site, send me a line and I will promptly look into it. I want to make this site an everlasting resource for you.

Watch for new products to be added constantly - I have a very long list of additional products yet to enter! Many of them will coordinate with one another so you can design your space and make it look like you paid someone to do it for you. I also have the ability to order swatches in the event you really can't visualize how the colors will look. The possibilities will be endless!

Look for my "Designer Tips" throughout the Product pages. This is where I give a little free advice to help you along the way. Of course, if you find you need a real person to speak to, I am just a phone call or email away!

I am so excited to get these products to you - and I wish you stylish blessings!

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